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Expanding my passion for creating through crafting.


In late 2015, I ventured into quiltmaking for the first time, in a serious way.  I say this because in around 2005, I'd attempted piecing a quilt, but since I didn't really understand the importance of a perfect 1/4" seam, I quickly failed and gave up!

With the help of online tutorials, a great quilting instructor and a beautiful world of inspiring fabrics, I quickly have become obsessed with the world of quilting.  The quilt pictured here is the back of my 3rd quilt.  


As I have learned more about quilting, I have continued to see examples of bags made from some of the same quilting fabrics and my curiousity has now led me toward bagmaking, as well. They are great crafting cousins, as many of the bag patterns I've made include quilting as a part of the overall bag design.


The best part of my college experience was the time I spent in art classes.  In particular, the oil painting classes were amazing.  At some point in 2010-2011 I decided to paint along with some of those Bob Ross videos I'd always loved watching.  I enjoyed it so much, I completed over 60 paintings and sold about half of them.  The scent memories created by those oils and paint thinners take me right back to those college days.

Check out some of my creations in my online portfolio and feel free to contact me if you would like to purchase any of these designs -